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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Scrappy Room Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it been so long since I posted last. I wanted to share with you the rest of the pictures of my scrapbook room, but just got super busy. My son started his 1st season of Pop Warner football and practice is every night unitl 8pm. Tonight is his 1st game and we are so excited! GO WOLF PACK!!! Plus, he starts school on Monday so it has been really hectic around here.

Ok now to get down to business. Here are the rest of the pictures from my room.

This is my top long drawer underneath the white shelves hanging on the wall. It is filled with all of my stacks of paper that I can't seem to stop buying.

This is the bottom drawer under my paper stack drawer. It is filled with some projects I haven't started yet. More like a storage drawer..

I have a section of 3 drawers that are next to my chair. This is the bottom draw and I store all of my card stuff in there including my finished cards

This is my second drawer, this is where I keep my embellishments-brads, eyelets, sandpaper etc....

And the most exciting part----- ready? It's my expression!!!! LOVE IT!


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