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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge- March

This month the Cricut Circle Magazine challenge was to show how you store 4 of your Cricut items.
First, this is how I store my cricut books. I keep them in the top drawer of my desk because I use them so often I need them close by. I don't keep the boxes or the cartridges with them because I use my Gypsy for everything so I very rarely need the cartridges. I keep them in alphabetical order.

Next I keep the solutions cartridges on a ring, as they are just one piece of images.

I store my cuttlebug folders in this little basket I found at Big Lots for $3 and keep my cuttlebug right next to it. This is on a shelf on the wall behind my desk.  I labeled all of them by name with a label maker.

I have a U-shaped desk so I keep my cricut machine on the corner of the desk behind me so I just have to turn around to use it.
And then I store all of the mats on the wall directly above the machine.

I have a lot of them because when they go on sale I stock up. LOL!
And then I keep all my tools on this turn table storage from Memory Makers.

I also keep myYourStory Photo on the desk behind me and the folders on a desk next to mine on the back wall.

So Here is a picture of what my room looks like to give you a better idea.
This picture was taken before I had my cuttlebug and folders so where those cartridges are on the back shelf is now where I keep the cuttlebug.


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