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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best Wife Ever!

Good morning all my crafty friends,

Guess who the best wife ever is? MEEEEE! LOL.... Today is my husband's and my 10 year wedding anniversary. It is crazy how time flies by. We were highschool sweethearts and 15 years laters he is still the love of my life!
Normally every year for our anniversary he always says "what do you want?" and of course I always say " Oh I don't need anything, plus we don't have any money right now." You know I am the one who handles all the bills so I know when we don't have money to spend on needless things. So we go out to dinner and call it a night.  But this year was special 10 years is a long time! So this is why I am the best wife ever..... I got him the new XBOX 360!
So the best part of all is get this..... Football has started so that gives me Sunday & Monday Night to craft, and now with this new toy I will have plenty of time to myself for crafting! LOL. OK enough about how I just out smarted my husband! LOL....
This month over at the Cricut Circle Blog the monthly challenge is called Window Dressings. I made this super cute anniversary card for my husband using the new Circle Exclusive cartridge Sophie and K. Andrew Designs stamp set Winged Things.

I used DCWV paperstack- can't remember the name right now, oops. Sophie cartridge and Winged Things by K.Andrew Designs.

I love K. Andrew Designs stamp sets! These stamp are made from high quality polymer and they are all made right here in the USA. Plus Kristal donates $1 per set sold to special charities that are close to her heart. I just think that is really awesome! If you want to check out her stamp click HERE.


Jan said...

Beautiful card and brilliant gift! I had a similar conversation with my better half last night. He wants to buy a new item for his hobby and I said "great, cause I've had my eye on a few things." I love it when a plan comes together! :) Happy Anniversary!

jennyplace2 said...
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jennyplace2 said...

Happy Anniversary! So happy to hear that you two are still in love, marriage is hard now a days and you have to fight hard to stay together. Both my hubby and I are very stubborn people and that is the only reason we are still together, you have to fight hard for the ones you love and don't let the little things matter, never go to bed mad at each other is another big key to success! My sweetie and I will be going to Hawaii to celebrate our 41st Anniversary in Oct. Congrats once again, may you grow old together and keep outwitting him! LOL!

Judy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I married my high school sweetheart 42 years ago so always hang in there:-) Great present for you and him! My hub's bday is Sat and I am doing something similar:-)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Happy Anniversary Becka

Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

CraftyShell said...

Happy annv! what a sweet wife you are. I am sure he loved his new toy...lol But will warn you, you might find you like it to...lol Hubs got one when they come out and then I was on it alot to so we went and bought me one as well. Now we game online together with friends. Its fun. The gears of war games are good they will make you lose track of time...lol

JulieK said...

Happy Anniversary! You are an awesome wife- and you have a pretty lucky husband!

Amy said...

Beautiful card, Becka!! Congrats on TEN years!! YAY for the two of you -- Keep on enjoying one another!! :)

BIG hugs,
Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

Kelly S said...

Happy Anniversary! Hopefully your husband realizes how lucky he is to have you. Love the card you created.


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