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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New chairs- sort of

Hi Everyone
I wanted to share a project that I worked on Saturday. My mom gave me her old dining room table when I moved and this weekend she gave me the china cabinet that matched the table so I was pretty excited.
But the chair cushions to the dining room table were off white and with kids still in the house that just wasn't going to work. Especially since they already went through all of us when we were kids LOL!
So I decided to get some fabric at Joann's and I recovered all of the cushions. I am so happy right now, I have never done this before and it was soooo super easy.
Take a look:

Old cushions
 As you can see these cushions have been used and abused! LOL!

So here are the new cushions I made.

I just love this fabric, and am so happy with how they turned out!


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