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Monday, January 3, 2011

So Embarrassing! Look at this Mess

Ok, so I have decided to join Melanie over at Scrapily Ever After's boot camp challenge. It is all about organization. And as you can see it totally looks like a bomb went off in my scrapbook room. I just got so busy doing holiday projects  and I just kept piling more stuff on top of more stuff. But this month I plan on totally cleaning out my room and getting organized for 2011. Can't wait for the daily challenges to start.

Ok I know these are really bad, so don't gasp disgust. HAHAHA!

So the next pictures you see I hope to have some of this mess cleaned up!


the cricutologist said...

Oh that makes me feel better! Creative minds can't help this kind of thing. When the creativity flows you can't stop to be tidy. I know all about it! It's fun to sort it out though, for me it's like a treasure hunt! Lol! I'm a follower will you follow my blog too?

Joan V said...

Becca, looks like you have a nice space for scrapping and other crafts. Guess we all got busy in Dec. I bet after this first assignment, you will see the table tops. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see your progress.

Jasmine Wilmany said...

I put my Cricut mats on the wall too! lol


★ Jasmine Wilmany ★

Tanya said...

Your space is WAYYY better than mine. SERIOUSLY!!! I have a table in my small bedroom and sometimes I think the walls are going to cave in!!! We have an old farm house and although we have done alot of remodeling.. a SCRAP ROOM and additional bathroom have NOT been done!! Good luck getting your space as you want it. Happy New Year!!!

Kailyn said...

I have major chair envy, I think I could scrap all day in a chair like that! It looks like you have a lot of layout space in there which is a great thing when it comes to re-organization. Can't wait to see your progress!

Scrappymama Elaine said...

I'm so right there with you. on 1/1/11 I recorded a video of beginning to organize. I got sick so I had to pause but I too will be posting my clean area. So...you go girl!

Heather said...

I had such a mess on my desk that I had to clean it to make room to scrap. LOL I am envious of all the room you have. I have a small table in the corner of my bedroom so I have a lot of shelves. I hang my mats on the wall too.
bhoward at kci dot net

jengd said...

Great space and I agree with Kailyn- killer chair! Thanks for stopping by. My room isn't as much of a mess as it used to be at our previous house. In 2mos since we moved in, I haven't had time to mess it up yet and I'm hoping to organize it completely before I do. :)

Just A Pac Rat said...

Such a great looking space with lots of potential! I agree, great chair! I really need one of those, LOL!

Good Luck cleaning!

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